Darko Rundek


Dušan Vranić - Duco

Age 38
Born in Sarajevo, singer, multi-instrumentalist
Began playing in concerts at the age of 13 as drummer for a post-punk band, (the youngest band from ex-Yugoslavia)0
Up until the age of 18 he went to Art-school whilst playing with different Sarajevo-based bands (drummer, singer and keyboards)
1989 He started “Beaux Arts” in Sarajevo.
He played with many Sarajevo-based bands, did theatre and radio.
During the war he played and sang in the musical “Hair”, produced in Sarajevo under siege, he also played music for films and documentaries.
1994 He came to France with the group “Overdream”
1996 Singer, composer and author for Overdream’s album, released by Canal + “La bande son”
1997 With the singer Alexandra Roos he released an album for the label “Trema” working on keyboards, choruses and arrangements
1997-2000 recordings with bands of different styles, from electronic to gypsy. Also recorded with a few ex-Yugoslavian bands
Singer with the group “Odjila” (gypsy music) in different venues in Europe : Montreux, Paleaux, La Scene, Boukovina, Frankfort etc.
Plays electronic music, as a soloist in “V.Eliane” and in band “Chef”
2001 Requested by Michael Stipe to make 2 remixes for the band REM
Makes compilations solo and with “Chef”
Also composes music for adverts and theatre and dubs films recorded in French.
2001-2002 Album with Darko Rundek “Ruke”, released in Ex-Yugoslavia:
Plays Iranian Sitar, percussion, bandoneon, piano, melodica.
Co-founder of Rundek Cargo Orkestar, participating in all its projects to date.
Dutso is very nice, despite his …dubious appearance. He lost his hair during the war…he is bald.
Yes, he is bald (but also hairy!)