Darko Rundek




MENART - Zagreb, 2020

Vocals, guitars, synths Darko Rundek, Igor Pavlica on trumpet and vocals, Roko Crnić on bass and vocals - Silvio Bočić on drums and guitar - Miro Manojlović on percussions, synth and vibraphone - and Ana Kovačić on tenor and bariton saxophone, drums, guitar and synth. Recorded at DM studio and Mikulići in Zagreb/Croatia by Mario and Zvone Domazet and Darko Rundek; mixed by Darko Rundek, mastrered by Višeslav Laboš; Produced by Darko Rundek Composition and arrangements: Darko Rundek, Roko Crnić and Ekipa Lyrics: Roko Crnić and Darko Rundek

Darko Rundek and Eipa gathered for Apocalypso NOW tour, 7th of December 2020 released double EP album BRISANI PROSTOR (FIRE-SWEPT ZONE) 
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FIRE-SWEPT ZONE consists of two EP
EP1 - "TO" (1 to 5)
EP2 - "FROM" (6 to 10)