Darko Rundek



2004 - double live album


Darko Rundek - guitar, vocals, Isabel - violin, effects; Manu Ferraz - trombone; Igor Pavlica - trumpet; Đani Pervan - drums, percussion; Bruno Arnal - double bass, bass; Dušan Vranić - piano, accordian, zither, vocals, scat; Vedran Peternel - sound effects, processing, small percussion. Recorded by Davor Rocco; Produced by Darko Rundek

The collection of recordings from Blue tour of five concerts in Zagreb which was bound to show different directions of musical research of Cargo Orkestar

1 CD 1

Mlin ReggaeIsabel/Pervan/Rundek/Vranić - Rundek
2 SanjamRundek/Isabel - Rundek
3 Ti i ja Rundek
4 Kuba Vranić/Rundek - Rundek
5 Zagrebačka magla Rundek
6 Crni žbir Rundek
7 Lice Rundek
8 Potok by Mance Mance
9 Ponoć Rundek
10 Seńor Rundek
11 Grane smo na vjetru Rundek
12 Podne Rundek
13 Makedo Rundek/Pervan/Isabel - Rundek
14 CD 2 Adagio - Sonate in G minor J.S. Bach
15 Pretovar 1CARGO
16 Pretovar 2CARGO
17 Pretovar 3CARGO
18 Pretovar 4CARGO
19 Pretovar 5CARGO
20 Pretovar 6CARGO
21 Pretovar 7CARGO
22 Pretovar 8CARGO
23 Pretovar 9CARGO
24 101 - INTROPeternel/Isabel/Pavlica/ Rundek
25 EnaRundek
26 Bad news radioPeternel/Isabel/Pavlica/ Rundek
27 SkerzzoPeternel/Isabel/Pavlica/ Rundek
28 Kao vjetarPeternel/Isabel/Pavlica/ Rundek
29 BookendsSimon & Gardfunkel
30 More, moreRundek/Kinel - Rundek


Rundek Cargo Orkestar accepted the challenge of performing in Croatia’s capital of Zagreb, creating different events each day, in collaboration with local video and sound artists and musicians.
The opening event was a multimedia happening, “Unload”, consisting of three audio installations and projections by Biljana Tutorov and Nicky Hewitt. This was followed by three differently orientated concerts with guest-musicians, exploring theatrical possibilities. The last two events where Isabel’s concerts of “Sonata and Partite for Solo Violin” by J.S.Bach, performed in the Grand Foyer of the Croatian National Theatre.

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