Darko Rundek


Đani Pervan

Author, Composer, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Music Programming, Sound and Mixing Engineer

1980 Debuted music as a guitar and bass guitar student

1983 Founds his first punk band as a bass player
1984 Attends Electrical Engineering School Jaroslav Cerni in Sarajevo

1985 Joins the the rock group LETU STUKE as drummer

1986 First studio recording session for Letu Stuke demo songs

1987Joins the rock group MAJOR and plays on their debut album Son Late Zigi Daj
1990 As a drummer, joins the jazz and rock club-bands as: DON GUIDO AND THE MISSIONARIES and SCABIA

1992-1994 During the war in Bosnia joins the ARTISTS UNIT in the Bosnian army. Participates in many of war Sarajevo music and TV projects like: TOP LISTA NADREALISTA - ratno izdanje - as musician-music producer and arranger, HAIR, rock-opera - KAMERNI TEATAR 55 as musician and co-arranger, SOS - KINDERDORF project villages for children - as musician-therapyst, drums and percussion teacher

1995 Moved to Paris, one of the founders of the group OVERDREAM and play on CANAL+ NULLE PART AILLEURS TV show

1996 OVERDREAM, under the label of CANAL+, release their album recorded and produced in co-operation with MATTHEW CLIFFORD (keyboards ROLLING STONES) and FRED DEFAY (sound eng. EURYTHMICS, DAVE STEWART)

1997. As musician, author, composer, arranger, sound eng., and mixer works with CHEF in association with SEYO KOVO, DUSAN VRANIC - DOUTSO, ARTHUR LAVILLA, DJ ROAST, DJ DOZOL and others on the electronic dancefloor and experimental music. Some of the tracks like: TURNED AROUND , RUMBA DOLMA, were released on vinyl for GRILL RECORDS in France and on TORICOLORBLUE compilation in Japan later next year

1998. In parallel with electronic music learns hand percussions and play with acoustic and electroacoustic bands in domain of world music/experimental acoustic bands: LOU LOU DJINE prof. SILVIE SIVANNE, ODJILA, SAN SEVERINO.
2001. Joins RUNDEK CARGO ORKESTAR a band who was founded around the songs of DARKO RUNDEK and music improvisations

2001. Recording as percussionist on singl Uspomena album U sirokom svijetu with 'DARKO RUNDEK Menart-Croatia
2002. Musician, co-producer, arrangements and mixer de remix on R.E.M. song I'VE BEEN HIGH - Warner Music Group, with team CHEF
2002. Co-Producer, musician, composer, arrangements, and mixing engineer on album RUKE of RUNDEK CARGO ORKESTAR - Menart.

2003. Percussionist on tour with RUNDEK CARGO ORKESTAR
2005. Moves back to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to work on his native band's debut album (www.facebook.com/LetuStukeOfficial)

2005. Producer, arranger and engineer - album Letu Stuke - Menart
2006 Producer - album Premijera - Luka Nizetic - Menart

2006. Co-Producer arranger and engineer on the album MHM A-HA OH YEAH DA-DA, RUNDEK CARGO ORKESTAR - Piranha Germany/Menart Croatia
2007. Producer - album Slobodno Disem, performer: Luka Nizetic - Menart

2008.Producer arranger and engineer of Letu Stuke,second album Proteini i Ugljikohidrati

2009. Wins the award Zlatna Koogla 2009 producer of the year for album Proteini i Ugljikohidrati in Croatia. (http://blob.blogger.ba/arhiva/2009/03/06/2085920, http://www.soundguardian.com/content/view/9248/50/)
2010.Producer - album Na Tren i Zauvijek, performer: Luka NIzetic - Menart 2011. Producer - album Brojevi Racuna, band: Letu Stuke - Menart 2012. Producer on single: Tombola by Manu Chao (licensed serbian cover by Branimir Rosic),
2012. Producer on singl "O Tebi" band: Nicim Izazvan, Belgrade
2013. Producer on singl "San" band: Nicim Izazvan, Belgrade
2013. Producer on singl "Raj" band: Skroz, Sarajevo
2013. Producer on singl "Grijeh" performer:: Natali Dizdar, AGAPA 2013 Zagreb
2013. Producer on singl "Glas" band: Nicim Izazvan, Belgrade

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/561702877 SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/djanipervan FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/dani.pervan Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/letustuke